Charlie or Argyll - A Kilt Outfit Guide

Wednesday 21st October, 2015 | Posted by Marchbrae


The Argyll Outfit is the most versatile outfit, being suitable for both formal and informal events. The jacket is a direct representation of the jacket worn by the Duke of Argyll. Wearing 5 button vest with the jacket gives a formal appearance.


The Prince Charlie kilt outfit is suitable for formal function or wedding. The Prince Charlie outfit is seen as a tuxedo of Highland dress. The outfit is a timeless classic which has remained unchanged throughout the years.


Both Marchbrae Argyll and Charlie outfit kilts are made using 16oz 100% quality wool which is the traditional heavier weight material ideal for kilts. Using the sulzer loom we are able to produce a tuck in selvedge ideal for the hem, and as standard all tartans are finished with a Teflon coating and guaranteed to be Made In Scotland by our kiltmakers. Only genuine leather straps are used and triple fringed to the standard.


Prince Charlie jackets are the most formal style of kilt jackets available in Marchbrae. They are equivalent of a ‘black tie’ outfit and are traditionally worn with a wing collar shirt and bow tie. They might be worn with ruched tie to add a more contemporary look. The jacket is heavily decorated, featuring ornate buttons on the front sleeves, and the squared tails at the rear. The tails are based on the traditional authentic Scottish 1920’s style. The jacket is normally worn with 3 button vest which features the same level of decoration as the jacket. The jacket may also be worn with 5 button vest to compliment the ruched tie.

Argyll are versatile jackets, which are equivalent of a traditional dress suit. They are less formal than Prince Charlie, but can easily be worn to both formal and casual functions. Even though less formal, the jackets are still decorated with ornate buttons on the pocket flaps and cuffs, but not on the back of the jacket. The apaulettes are usually plain, however, Marchbrae dressed this jacket up with pleated version. Argyll jacket can be worn with 5 button vest, but it is not compulsory and is rarely a matter of style and occasion. Adding 5 button vest makes jacket slightly more formal, and suitable to wear with wing collar shirt and ruched tie, while normally Argyll would be worn with standard long point collar shirt and wool neck tie.


The name sporran means ‘purse’ in Gaelic and is a traditional part of Scotland’s Highland dress. It is a pouch that performs the same function as pockets or a wallet on the pocketless kilt. Full dress sporrans are the most formal type of sporrans and usually have fur fronts, fur gusset, leather back, metal cantle and 3-6 fur tassels. They are worn for the most formal occasions and are the traditional choice with the Prince Charlie outfit. Semi dress sporrans usually have fur front, leather back, fur tassels and are more ornate than the plain leather sporrans. They can be worn to both casual and formal events and especially recommended as part of the Argyll outfit.



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