Easter Weekend Picnic

Thursday 13th April, 2017 | Posted by Marchbrae

For many the Easter weekend offers an excellent opportunity to spend some time with friends, family and if we're lucky, enjoy the great outdoors. With the weather starting to warm up a little (we hope) it might be the perfect time to get your things together, head out to the park or countryside and have a relaxing picnic.

Every great picnic consists of five elements: a stunning location, nice weather, great company, delicious food and drink and the right kit to pull it all together. Whilst we can't help with the first four requirements, we do have a range of excellent products from British heritage brands such as Joules and Barbour that will help you have the best day out imaginable.


Thanks to Joules we have a couple of options for carrying around all of the essential food and drink. Not only that but both the Printed Picnic Ruck Sack (left) and the Wicker Picnic Basket (right) come complete with all the plates, cutlery, cups and napkins you might need for serving. For an all-in-one picnic solution these are both great products, the only thing left to decide is what food to pack.


Every great picnic needs a place for food and for everyone to sit. Here we have a couple of options to suit your individual taste. On the left we have the Barbour Classic Tartan Picnic Rug with one side quilted tartan and one wadded nylon and on the right we have one of our own 100% Pure Wool British Throws produced by Bronte. The perfect base for a great afternoon out.


As beautiful as the British springtime can be, we all know that there is every chance that the weather can quickly take a turn for the worse. We have highlighted two products that can be thrown in your bag just in case which won't take up too much space. For gents we have the Joules Packaway Waterproof Jacket (left) in this great Sea Blue colourway and for the ladies the Joules Showerproof Poncho (right) available in Joules signature Grey Beau Bloom.


If you happen to be in Edinburgh over the weekend, might we suggest Arthur's Seat for the perfect picnic location.



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