A Made to Measure Kilt

Thursday 1st June, 2017 | Posted by Marchbrae

If you are looking to purchase a made to measure kilt the first question is which tartan, the second is how do I measure myself?

Of course you can pop into our Royal Mile store in Edinburgh for assistance in all things kilt and tartan however if you are looking for a guide on how to measure at home or how the kilt should be worn then here are some simple guidelines;


Firstly, our made to measure gents kilts can be provided in a choice of two weights; 13oz medium weight or 16oz heavy weight and in three cloth lengths; 6yard, 8yard or 9yard. Both weight and cloth are usually chosen depending on planned usage or the customer's measurements.

The kilt should always be worn on the waist (around the navel) with the flat panel to the front and the pleats to the back. The fringed edge should run down the right leg and the length should be no longer than to the centre of the knee cap.



The kilt pin is often assumed to be used to hold the kilt closed however it is for decoration only and should never be pinned through both layers of cloth.

The sporran is thought to be a practical solution to a garment with no pockets and was most probably traditionally a leather pouch worn hanging from the belt.

leather belt is generally only worn in semi-formal or casual situations as the formal kilt outfit includes a ‘vest’ or waistcoat and so a belt is not required.



Above is our simple guide to self measurement however we are happy to assist if needed, so feel free to contact us in store or through the website.





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