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Thursday 11th January, 2018 | Posted by Marchbrae

Here at Marchbrae we stock some of the finest cashmere and country clothing available as well as a range of highland clothing and accessories. Our original store on Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile features all of the items needed for a highland kilt outfit as well as some great authentic Scottish gifts. All of our kilts are manufactured in Scotland and we source tartan and clan products from some of the best manufacturers in the country. So whether you are looking for a scarf in your family tartan, a gift for someone with Scottish ancestry or an outfit for a wedding or other occassion, take a look at the products below.



Clan Crest Badges - Art Pewter

Pictured: Bruce

Clan crest badges are used to symbolise membership or affiliation with a Scottish clan. Commonly, those who share the clan surname or are descendants of someone who does, wear the clan badge. The crest itself belongs to the clan chief as recognised by the Court of the Lord Lyon but a version (such as the one above) that is encircled by a strap and buckle design can be worn by any member of the clan.


Clan Crest Kilt Pins - Art Pewter

Pictured: Sinclair 

Kilt pins are worn on the outer apron of a kilt in the lower corner and serve two purposes. The first is adding weight to the edge of the kilt keeping it from blowing open and the second is for decorative purposes. Kilt pins have been a way for wearers to accesorise their outift, sometimes with precious and semi-precious stones. One of the most common types of kilt pin are ones depicting the wearer's clan crest and we have a range of clan crest kilt pins to choose from courtesy of Art Pewter.

Made from pewter and plated with palladium to prevent scratching.  


Clan Crest Cufflinks - Art Pewter

Pictured: MacKenzie

An essential part of a kilt outfit is a nice pair of cufflinks. Of course, you can opt to wear any cufflinks you want but many choose to wear ones showing their clan crest. These cufflinks are made from pewter and coated in palladium to protect them from scratches and are a nice finishing touch to formal attire. Again, they show the chief's crest encircled with the belt and buckle design.


Wool Tartan Scarves - Lochcarron

Pictured: MacLeod of Harris Modern

Not every item related to Scottish clans are available only to be worn on special occassions, here we have something great for everyday wear. You can show your clan allegiance with these 100% lambswool tartan scarves made in Selkirk in the Scottish borders. Soft and warm, each scarf is decorated with the clan's tartan sett. Many tartans are worn purely for the asthetic look as opposed to being worn only for their clan connections and tartans such as Royal Stewart and Buchanan are recognisable thanks to their use in fashion. Be prepared for the cold and look great whilst doing so.


Tartan Reiver Ties - Lochcarron

Pictured: Stewart Blue Dress 

Another item crafted from clan tartans is the Reiver tie range from Lochcarron. Made from a soft brushed lambswool, here is another way you can show off your Scottish heritage. With a huge selection available, you are sure to find your clan's tartan. Made in Scotland, these ties can be worn as part of a kilt outfit or with a plain shirt.


Clan Crest Crystal Whisky Glasses - Glencairn Crystal

Pictured: Campbell

Gift buying is always a difficult task, weighing up competing factors such as the presentation and the practicality for the recipient. We want something that will look great but will also be used from time to time. These clan crest crystal whisky glasses from Glencairn Crystal tick both these boxes. Crafted in Scotland, each crystal shot glass is engraved with a detailed clan crest design. 


Kilts and Cloth - Made to Order - Lochcarron (lightweight reiver), Marton Mills (heavyweight Jura)

Pictured: Robertson Hunting Modern

Some kilts can be purchased 'off the peg' but for most clan tartans, you'll need to have your kilt made to order. Although it takes a little bit longer, we can get your exact measurements giving your kilt the very best fit possible. To discuss any custom kilt orders, please visit or contact our store on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

You can also order cloth from us. The full range of cloths and tartans can be ordered by the metre online and have a variety of uses. We've had customers use our tartan cloth for wedding decorations, waistcoats, ties and upholstery. 

To place a special order or get advice from one of our members of staff, contact Marchbrae on 0131 226 3997 or at 




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