Classic Claidhmhor Kilt Pin

  • Description

    Art Pewter Kilt Pin

    This pin is also available with an antique finish.

    This kilt pin features the design of a classic Claidhmhor. Claidhmhor, pronounced 'claymore', meaning 'big sword' is the original Highlanders' sword and was often incredibly large - requiring the use of both hands. This kilt pin features intricate texture detailing along the length of the blade.

    The kilt pin became fashionable in the 1800s and has continued to this day, universally worn on all kilts or kilted skirts. Highlanders invariably elaborated the metal parts of their wearing apparel either by the use of precious metals or by introducing Cairngorm stones, polished pebbles or jewels.

    096 Art

  • Details & Fit

    Material: Pewter

    Dimensions: 4cm x 10cm