Be Spring Ready With Our Picnic Blankets

Picnic Blankets

Spring has sprung and lockdown is gradually being lifted. Which means we can go out and enjoy the sun and even enjoy some company (socially distanced of course).
With the weather getting better, and with many of us eager to catch up with friends outside, BBQs and picnics naturally ‘spring’ to mind! Is there a better way to catch up than over some food in the sunshine?
With that in mind, we’re delighted to offer our amazing blanket selection. Blankets are a vital part to any BBQ or Picnic and make trips to the park, or beach, that much more enjoyable. And not just that, when it comes to blankets, it might be time to upgrade the rug you have in your car for your dog as well– and speaking of cars, you might want a new blanket in your car to help keep your passengers warm on those long drives to see relatives and friends.
But back to picnics.... here at Marchbrae, we have a wide selection of blankets that are ideal for picnics made from a range of fabrics. As a brand that is focussed on providing the best products for the outdoors, our blankets are no different.
When it comes to outdoor blankets, our recommendation is to opt for a wool or lambs wool blanket. Both are hardy, keep the cold and moisture at bay and are easy to maintain and care for. The added benefit is that they don’t stain easily and with a wide selection to choose from, we are confident you’ll find an option to match your style and needs.

A woollen blanket is definitely the best option if you are keeping an eye on your budget, however, if you’re looking for comfort, spending that little extra on a lambs wool blanket provides that extra bit of luxury and softness and is just as easy to care for and maintain as a wool blanket.

Being a Scottish company, we get our design inspiration from Scottish clans and we were even commissioned to create a tartan for World Peace Day. Textile expertise is woven into our DNA – as a family business, we have been manufacturing and selling blankets and scarves for generations. If you are Scottish, or have Scottish ancestry, you may just find we have a blanket to match your clan; weaving in your own history into everyday life.
If you are heading out, don’t forget we have a large selection of premium goods, at affordable prices, to keep you warm.

Whether it is a cashmere or woollen scarf, a Barbour jacket, gloves or even an umbrella to keep you dry – we’ve got you covered. And keeping you warm doesn’t just mean tending to the outside, with our hip flasks, you can take along your favourite whisky (other, lesser spirits do exist), perfect for celebrating that birthday you missed ,or toasting to friends past and present.  We also have your furry, four legged friends covered too, with our pet ranges. You’ll be surprised just how much we have in store. So take a look and if you have any questions, get in touch with our customer service team, who will be delighted to help you.

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