Staying Warm Whilst Socialising Outdoors

Staying Warm Whilst Socialising Outdoors


With lockdown restrictions slowly lifting, it has been great meeting back up with loved ones and friends. We may not be allowed to meet others indoors, but we can socialise in groups of six outside - so that is a bonus.

With Spring not proving to be as warm as we’d have hoped it isn’t easy trying to see friends in a comfortable outdoor setting, but we believe we have the answer.

Whether you are sat in a back garden, or meeting up in a park, or at a bar, a blanket is the perfect accessory. Portable and warm, they’ll keep you dry and warm wherever you are. The perfect item to provide guests sat around your garden and ideal for setting up a picnic in your local park.

As we know, you can’t have a drink inside yet and we’ve all seen the photos of those hardy punters, exposed to the elements, trying to enjoy a pint or a G&T. Don’t get caught out, stash one of our warm blankets in a bag and you can go out with confidence that you won’t catch a chill.

With blankets ranging in cost, size and materials, we have something for everyone. Whether it is a nice lambs wool blanket for your trip to the pub, a lovely soft cashmere blanket for those long-awaited visitors or even a sustainable recycled wool blanket for those trips to the park, we've got it all.

Currently we are running an offer where you can get up to 60% off our products and it isn’t exclusive to blankets. Stay warm with a Barbour Coat, a Joules hat or even a thick and warm Peregrine jumper. Marchbrae is your one stop shop for all your outdoor socialising needs. Hurry, the sale is while stocks last, and at these prices, they are flying fast!

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