Why We Love Barbour

Why we love Barbour!

We’ve been working with Barbour for years! When we set up our shop we decided to prioritise high end, high quality clothing and Barbour ticks that box perfectly.
A British brand specialising in British clothing, from wax jackets to their instantly noticeable check pattern scarves, they epitomise the very best of luxury fashion.

With our roots in Yorkshire and a shop on the famous Edinburgh Royal Mile, offering the very best outdoor wear is always front of mind when selecting products to offer our customers. Outdoor clothing can be hard to pick, whether it is a plastic jacket to keep the rain out or a heavy puffer coat to keep you cosy on the coldest of days, finding a jacket that is useful whilst also being fashionable can be quite the challenge. In the ideal word you want a jacket that keeps you warm and dry but also can be worn on a country walk or to the shops. For us that is why the Barbour Wax Jacket is so successful and such an icon. It ticks all those boxes and more!

The wax jackets are still made here in Britain, just as they were in 1894 when the company was founded. Since then the company has grown to become staple of British fashion, to the point that it holds a royal warrant to supply HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh & Prince Charles. Started by a Scot, in England, Barbour’s story strikes a chord with us – the best of Scottish innovation and English design brought together to create iconic products.

The most famous product of them all: the wax cotton jackets. In our opinion, one of the best jackets on the market. In an age of throwaway fashion, having an item that people treasure for years, sometimes even decades is something truly special. Furthermore they offer superb value for money. With a repair service on offer from Barbour, it isn’t uncommon for jackets to remain within families, being passed down to the next generation – which brings us to our next point; the timeless design. Barbour’s core range of jackets have remained fairly unchanged in recent times, and with good reason. Having established itself as a market leader in outdoor clothing, they’ve created their own bespoke style that is now synonymous with high end fashion. These versatile jackets can be dressed up or down. Wear a shirt or a t-shirt, chinos or jeans – they go with everything and anything. And unlike a lot of luxury fashion brands, they are highly practical as well. With ample pockets, you don’t just get a gorgeous coat, you have one that serves you in your day-to-day life as well. Whether that is stashing your keys and phone away safely or a pocket full of treats for your favourite four-legged companion, the jacket does it all.

So there we have it, timeless style, versatile and practical, and if it is good enough for the Queen, it is good enough for us. Buying a Barbour jacket also means you’ll be supporting a local British business and helping maintain the craft of wax jacket making alive for several more generations to come. For all these reasons, we love Barbour and this is why we stock them in our range. From core products to new season offerings, we aim to cater to all tastes as well as all shapes and sizes. If you have a particular question about any of our range, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to share more. We do hope you enjoy browsing our Barbour selection and hope you find your very own piece of timeless design to fit your wardrobe.

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