The Marchbrae Story

A brief history...

Charles Angus Marchbrae was born in Dalkeith on the outskirts of Edinburgh where his father was a stonemason and building worker.

At thirteen he was apprenticed to a tailor whom he served for six years. He then went to Edinburgh to make his fortune and this is where in 1771 he opened a small gentlemen's tailoring workshop which was located not far from Parliament Square in the centre of the city and the heart of political, legal and business life in not only Edinburgh but Scotland.

There he continues to flourish, making suits of fine Tweed that he brought from the Isle of Harris and rare imported Japanese silks for the lawyers, local celebrities and oddities who abounded at that period in Edinburgh society.

Marchbrae went on to become one of the finest tailors in the city and he used his substantial wealth to acquire a small country seat in East Lothian as well as an estate in the Caribbean which he named Marchbrae.

Marchbrae today are purveyors of the finest Scottish Cashmere, Highland Dress and Country Clothing.